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The Case for Cut Wire Shot


Cut wire shot maintains its peening intensity longer than cast steel shot and thus reduces cost. Cut wire shot is great for shot peening because the peening process requires a round, whole-bodied shot that resists rapid change in size and weight to deliver constant intensity. Another advantage is that it does not break or fracture, leaving sharp edges that can damage the work object.

Why Cut Wire Shot?

Quality Assured

The wire that cut wire shot is produced from is heat-treated and cold-drawn to achieve hardness, toughness and homogeneity. Together with the balanced chemical properties and complete integrity of every piece, this ensures that cut wire shot will not fracture in use while providing a consistent and reputable performance.

Longer Life

Cut wire shot wears down gradually and lasts for many cycles in a peening or blasting operation. Tests have shown cut wire-peened parts have a greater fatigue life than the same part peened with cast shot. This demonstrates that media uniformity is extremely critical for peening.

For Cleaning

Cut wire can be used for tumbling. The cylindrical form of the as-cut particles offers superior penetration into fillets and recessed areas. (Longer lengths are available where deep penetration is required.)

Note: Available sizes range from wire diameters of .012 in (.30 mm) to .125 in (3.17 mm) and lengths up to .5 in (12.7 mm).

For Plating Filler

Cut wire pellets can be used for filler in metal plating applications where the amount or volume of product to be plated is not sufficient enough in a bulk plating process. The pellets carry electrical current throughout the plating cycle preventing make-and-break contact which could result in arcing and damage to the product being plated.

Pellets can be used to bring the volume of parts in the bulk processing unit (barrel) to a level where continual electrical current flow occurs, eliminating the potential for damage and/or insufficient plating thickness.

The pellets then can be stripped of their coating and used again. Depending on the plating process and subsequent stripping method, carbon steel or stainless steel can be used. Another benefit of the application is that cut wire assists in keeping parts from stacking during the plating process, resulting in better plate thickness distribution.

Additional Information

Applications Compatible equipment Alloy Shape Sizes Bulk density Packaging
Deburring die castings Air blast (smaller sizes) Special high-grade zinc (99.995% pure zinc) Cylindrical with sharp edges .030” – .125” (.3 mm – 3.2 mm) 256 lbs/ft3 50 lb bags
Paint and powder coat stripping (won’t damage tooling, paint hooks, etc.) Wheel blast Other – We can process any zinc wire into cut wire shot. Sizes stocked: .030”, .040”, .057”, .064”, .090” & .125” 30-gallon corrugated drum
Deflashing (removes flash up to .020”) 55-gallon steel drum
Water purification We also accommodate special packaging requirements.

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