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Stainless Cut Wire (As-Cut)


Stainless cut wire shot as-cut (with sharp edges) is a premium blasting abrasive with long useful life. It has a useful life four to five times longer than carbon steel cut wire shot and up to 10 times longer life than cast steel shot. Stainless cut wire has excellent toughness and does not fracture or break down during use because it is a solid piece.

Why Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot As-Cut?

Stainless steel cut wire is our specialty! Stainless steel cut wire shot is being used in an increasing number of important applications where ferrous contamination in blasting stainless steel, titanium, aluminum or other non-ferrous work objects could be harmful.

Although stainless steel cut wire shot is very dense and is best used in wheel machines (airless machines) or pressure blasting equipment, smaller sizes can be used in suction air blasting applications. Unlike cast steel or carbon cut wire shot, stainless steel cut wire shot as-cut won’t introduce ferrous contamination to non-ferrous castings or work objects.

Its long life means less waste.

Stainless as-cut is used in blasting carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass and aluminum. The long life of stainless steel cut wire shot means much less waste to dispose of.

It’s recyclable.

Less waste means substantial cost savings. This reduces freight and material costs on the inbound side because less material is required to replace spent material. Stainless steel waste can also be recycled for use by another user or scrapped with a relatively high value.

It’s non-combustible.

Where dust collector fires are of concern, stainless steel cut wire as-cut is the preferred blasting abrasive because it produces the least amount of dust and is considered non-combustible. Carbon steel dust is considered by many as combustible.

It works well as plating filler.

Stainless steel cut wire pins as-cut work well as plating filler in metal plating baths. The pins carry an electrical current throughout the plating cycle preventing make-and-break contact which can result in arcing and damage to customer parts. These stainless steel pins can be stripped of their coating and reused.

Cut-Wire Sizes & Cast Shot Equivalents

Cut-Wire Size (Inch) Cut-Wire Size (mm) Equivalent Cast Shot
0.012 0.30 S-70
0.014 0.35 S-110
0.017 0.45 S-110
0.020 / 0.023 0.50 / 0.60 S-170
0.028 0.70 S-230
0.032 / 0.035 0.80 / 0.90 S-280
0.035 / 0.041 0.90 / 1.0 S-330
0.041 / 0.047 1.0 / 1.20 S-390
0.054 1.40 S-460
0.062 1.60 S-550
0.080 2.00 S-660
0.090 2.25 S-780
0.125 3.20 S-1110

Additional Information

Compatible equipment Industry specifications Alloy Shape Bulk density Packaging
Air blast (smaller sizes) SAE J441 302/304 with hardness 50 to 55 HRC Cylindrical with sharp edges 275 lbs/ft3 50 lb bags
Wheel blast 430 with hardness 30 to 35 HRC 30-gallon corrugated drum
Other – We can process any stainless alloy wire into cut wire shot 55-gallon steel drum
We also accommodate special packaging requirements.

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