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Glass Beads

Glass Beads are used to treat surfaces by cleaning, deburring, peening and finishing without etching or removal of basic surface material and without leaving undesirable residues.

In comparision, impact media that take the form of angular particles can be very aggressive on the surface being treated or, in the case pf metallic media, can leave ferrous residues. In both case long term problem can ensure.

General Specifications

The following table shows the general suitability of the different grades for the three majar application areas of finifhing, cleaning and peening:

Percentage: Minimum 70%, 75%, 80% rounds
Rounds: Depending on the size and specification, measured in the nominal size range.
Size Range: 80% (min) by weight in the nominal size range.
Angular Particles: 3% (max) by number.
Air Inclusion: Not more than 10% beads with> 25% of projected surface area (tested visually by microscope)
Free Icon: 0.1% max by weight.
Specific Gravity: 2.45 to 2.55 g/cm2
Bulk Density: 1.5/cm3 approx.
Hardness: 6 Mohs/Rockwell 47 RC.

Size Range
Designation Finishing
600 - 850 O
425 - 600 BL
250 - 425 C
150 - 250 AC
106 - 212 AD
75 - 150 AF
53 - 106 AG
45 - 90 AH
0 - 75 AQ

Size Distribution

Potters Standared Impact Glass Beads are available in a wide range of sizes(see separate data sheet).

The different sizes of beads have different characterstics when used in impact applications as the following table illustrates:-

Large Beads Small Beads
Remove Larger, Heavier contaminants from surfaces. Remove Smaller, Heavier contaminants from surfaces.
Give fewer impacts per kilo. Give more impacts per kilo.
Clean slower. Clean faster.
Peen to more itensive levels. Peen to less intensive levels.
Cannot reach small areas. Can reach small areas.
Generally produce a brighter finish than small beads at the same intensifies. Generally produce a more matt finish than larger beads at the same intensifies.

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