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Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot As-Cut


Carbon steel cut wire shot as-cut (with sharp edges) is a premium blasting abrasive with a useful life up to three times longer than cast steel shot and grit. It can also be precisely sized.

Why Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot As-Cut?

Carbon cut wire shot has a significantly longer useful life than cast steel shot or grit (two to three times) and produces excellent results because of its uniformity and strength. The dust generation is also significantly lower than cast steel shot and grit.

Carbon steel shot as-cut is great for cleaning, surface preparation and improvement on ferrous metal parts. The longer useful life (compared to cast steel shot) of this premium blasting abrasive results in less waste from blasting.

Cut-Wire Sizes & Cast Shot Equivalents

Cut-Wire Size (Inch) Cut-Wire Size (mm) Equivalent Cast Shot
0.012 0.30 S-70
0.014 0.35 S-110
0.017 0.45 S-110
0.020 / 0.023 0.50 / 0.60 S-170
0.028 0.70 S-230
0.032 / 0.035 0.80 / 0.90 S-280
0.035 / 0.041 0.90 / 1.0 S-330
0.041 / 0.047 1.0 / 1.20 S-390
0.054 1.40 S-460
0.062 1.60 S-550
0.080 2.00 S-660
0.090 2.25 S-780
0.125 3.20 S-1110

Additional Information

Applications Compatible equipment Industry specifications Alloy Shape Bulk density Packaging
Surface improvement Air blast (smaller sizes) SAE J441 1070 Class I with hardness of 45 – 52 HRC Cylindrical with sharp edges 275 lbs/ft3 50 lb bags
Blast cleaning Wheel blast 1070 Class II with hardness of 55 – 62 HRC 30-gallon corrugated drum
Deflashing Other – We can process any carbon steel wire into cut wire shot. 55-gallon steel drum
Deburring We also accommodate special packaging requirements.

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